Top 10 problems in Yerevan

Case Analysis

During the last thirty years the once green Yerevan of Tamanyan has lost its main idea—the idea of a green city.

Garages have been crowded in the yards, commercial facilities have been built in the parks. Some wooded areas of the city, such as Antarain, have been occupied by chaotic rows of houses and filled with concrete. Most of the city parks, which have preserved their territories, are now in a neglected state.

Even today, the territories of some parks continue to be given for the construction of cafes and shops, for example, the park on Komitas avenue.

Some commercial facilities are being dismantled from the parks but these works are performed very slowly and in small quantities.

There are well-equipped recreational areas for citizens and tourists in the city center but one can rarely meet such zones in the suburbs of the city. It forces the residents of these districts to travel to the city center, thereby overcrowding those rare parks in Kentron.

Even in the center of Yerevan parks represent an aggressive environment. It is not always pleasant, and sometimes, even dangerous to walk there. For example, in the very central park of the city—in the square around the Opera House. There are restaurants, even a parking lot on the once green area of this district. Cyclists, electric scooters, children's attractions are moving around randomly.

Yard playgrounds

In pursuit of the implementation of the plans set, the municipal authorities are building sports and playgrounds of the same type in Yerevan yards.

Football grounds are arranged contrary to the children's safety standards. An artificial turf is arranged on a concrete or asphalt surface instead of a sand cushion, fences are made of rigid materials.

Instead of creating individual projects for courtyards, standard projects of asphalt and concrete are stamped out.

Parks, squares and yards should be designed. In order to achieve a quality result, the city authorities should ask themselves a question: why and for whom these areas are built? So that residents of any age and physical capability find a place and occupation to their liking in comfortable and modern public areas.